Friends Ice Cream Shop

Friends Ice Cream Shop
Hello again everybody. Noah here, Today I am going to show you a creation I built yesterday morning! It took me an hour to build and it is a new favourite. My Mom (of course) loves it! I do to!

 I would put it on Cuusoo but have to 18 for that. :( Well anyway. All of the pieces from this shop are from friends sets that I got for 50 cents each. I put the pieces together and voilla! It has ice cream, fudgesicles, I pod, worker, flowers, and so much more! I hope you like this set and feel free share it with your friends!

 FUN FACT: I cut out the friends sign from the Instruction Manuel for one of the sets!
 If you want more Lego Friends sets to be made by me, please let me know in the comment bar below! Have a great day and Happy Building!

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